Dear: The 1920’s Roaring back into 2012

I am just thrilled to see that 2012 fashion will share the influence of the “Roaring 1920’s”. The 1920’s was a time of social change and revival, especially for women and women fashion; women became more daring and “risqué” with their fashion sense. 2012 collections, including Rodarte, Reyes, Christian Dior, and Reem Acra (as pictured above) contain flapper dress silhouettes, 1920’s inspired beading and detail, along with hem lengths becoming more modest, hitting at the knees.

p.s. The 1920’s fashion inspiration seen in 2012 designer collections is in perfect timing for the upcoming motion picture The Great Gatsby, a movie I am much looking forward to seeing as I the book is one of my favorites!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and relaxing sunday!



One thought on “Dear: The 1920’s Roaring back into 2012

  1. The 20’s is very inspiring and I’m sooo glad to see that modern fashion is taking the classy elements from the time period!!!

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