Leopard Print Shoes


Dear: “A Facelift”

Hi Everyone! Above is a collage of random photos from our personal collection. While we have only had this blog for a few short months we want to give it a little “facelift”! We are hoping to start incorporating personal style photos and sharing a little more about our lives! If you have any ideas please contact us (theglittereyeddiary@gmail.com) we would love to know what you guys wish to see on the blog!!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Dear: Colorful Jeans

Often I find myself constantly repeating my classic denim colored jeans day in and day out as I just love the comfort of a jean as a daily basic. I have fallen in love with colored jeans as not only do i feel just as comfortable but they “spice” (haha) up my outfit in an instant! I also find colored jeans to be a piece easily transferred from a day look to an evening style!

Hope everyone’s week is going wonderfully!