Sometimes I feel overwhelmed in selecting what to blog about for a particular day because my mind is constantly swirling about ideas and what I wish to discuss. Today is definitely one of those days. Today has been a lazy Sunday for me which means I have been lounging reading through my favorite blogs while sipping cups upon cups of my favorite coffee (Cafe American with two extra shots of espresso). So, I thought I would share a few of my favorite blogs at the moment. These blogs are where I find some of my greatest inspiration for my own style and thoughts 🙂

Having done internships and work placements in pr I find this blog very refreshing and comical in some ways. My favorite post – “The Downsides to Dating a PR Girl” 🙂

This blog quickly caught my attention when I first moved to London. It was definitely my go-to database of where to go shopping to where to go out at nighttime.

What I love about this blog are the constant uploads and posts – almost like a hybrid of instagram and a blog. Although this blog is in Swedish you do not even need to know the language as the main focus seems to be in the pictures.

I find this blog very refreshing and like how the Swiss blogger, Kristina Bazan, brings a high fashion appeal to her photos and posts.

This blog is fairly new on my radar and always makes me want to go out and experience all that London has to offer 🙂

Chiara Ferragni’s blog has been receiving immense attention recently and for good reason. Her blog is not just a place where she solely posts outfit pictures but is a space where she literally takes readers insider her life. I find her blog very raw and somewhat uncensored – and of course her imaginative and fashion forward style does not help either 🙂

Scandinavian fashion and style inspiration at its finest. Enough said.