Sometimes I feel overwhelmed in selecting what to blog about for a particular day because my mind is constantly swirling about ideas and what I wish to discuss. Today is definitely one of those days. Today has been a lazy Sunday for me which means I have been lounging reading through my favorite blogs while sipping cups upon cups of my favorite coffee (Cafe American with two extra shots of espresso). So, I thought I would share a few of my favorite blogs at the moment. These blogs are where I find some of my greatest inspiration for my own style and thoughts 🙂

Having done internships and work placements in pr I find this blog very refreshing and comical in some ways. My favorite post – “The Downsides to Dating a PR Girl” 🙂

This blog quickly caught my attention when I first moved to London. It was definitely my go-to database of where to go shopping to where to go out at nighttime.

What I love about this blog are the constant uploads and posts – almost like a hybrid of instagram and a blog. Although this blog is in Swedish you do not even need to know the language as the main focus seems to be in the pictures.

I find this blog very refreshing and like how the Swiss blogger, Kristina Bazan, brings a high fashion appeal to her photos and posts.

This blog is fairly new on my radar and always makes me want to go out and experience all that London has to offer 🙂

Chiara Ferragni’s blog has been receiving immense attention recently and for good reason. Her blog is not just a place where she solely posts outfit pictures but is a space where she literally takes readers insider her life. I find her blog very raw and somewhat uncensored – and of course her imaginative and fashion forward style does not help either 🙂

Scandinavian fashion and style inspiration at its finest. Enough said.


Fall Trend: Burgundy

Burgundy is appearing all over this season’s fashion weeks and is proving itself to definitely be a major color for the fall 2012 season. I find burgundy to be such a “cozy” color and the shade automatically makes me picture a crisp fall day…my favorite days of the year 🙂

xx, K

Topshop Unique – It’s ALL About the Coat

The coats and jackets that went down the runway at the Topshop Unique Fashion show at LFW dropped my jaw to the floor. Think asymmetrical cuts along with the mixing of fabrics and colors. If you ever feel unsure about what to wear one day this season just grab one of Topshop’s statement coats and I promise you will be sure to turn heads.

I am off to finish watching the past season of Made in Chelsea!

Night! xx, K

That One Photo

This photo is courtesy of

Since the start of NYFW my life has consisted of school, work, and stalking street style photos from NYFW …Oh, and drinking cups and cups of coffee! While I do enjoy looking over photos from the actual runway shows my heart has always belonged to the fashion happening in the streets. Fashion week street style photos are crazy – everyone showcasing their “secret” shoe or accessory they have been hiding and saving to showcase during fashion week season. Anyways, it is rare for me to come across a street style photo where I have fallen in love with every piece of fashion in the photo – the above picture marks my first exception! The crisp white t-shirt makes the entire outfit (I know – I just picked the most boring part of the outfit …haha) BUT it is that very crisp white t-shirt which makes the amazing statement necklace, floral blazer, and red clutch stand out and allows for each of those pieces to not overshadow the other.

I am now off to go pick out an outfit for dinner tonight – i am hoping that it cools down enough for me to wear a chunky knit – if not I am sure I will get a few odd stares 🙂

Happy Friday!!

xx, K

Blogger Crush: Hanneli Mustaparta

Like many fashion lovers I am an avid style blog reader. One of my favorite style blogs that I adore is by Norwegian blogger Hannel Mustaparta. I find her simple looks with solid colors and crisp lines extremely refreshing and inspirational. Here are a few of her looks throughout her years as a blogger. Enjoy!

OH, and check out her blog at !





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The Seasonal Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are amazing because you can literally wear them anytime of the year. I personally love pairing a maxi skirt with a cozy knit and a leather biker jacket! What is your favorite way to style maxi skirts?!?

1.) Haute Hippie   2.) Donna Karan   3.) Raquel Allegra   4.) Rick Owens   5.) Zara   6.) Zara

xx, K

Fall 2012 Trend Alert: COZY SWEATERS

Fall is by far my favorite season, followed by winter (I know, quite the opposite of most people haha!) I am already counting down the days until the first crisp day of fall and of course checking my favorite shopping sites daily for new fall finds! I am a huge sweater fanatic so naturally I was BEYOND excited to see all of fall’s new chunky and cozy sweaters!!


xx, K